The band was formed in January of 2010 with an intention to play innovative music, to challenge the mind and the senses. 3Fold Pain is a 4 piece gathering of very experienced musicians with different backgrounds, still sharing the same goal: to create a professional alternative/metal/rock music act always ready to perform and deliver as much energy as possible. Through their short period of existence they’ve played in many venues and open air festivals in Greece and have gained valuable stage experience and a rapidly developing fan base. In June of 2010, 3Fold Pain released their self-financed debut EP “Don’t Trust Them”. After having sold out all of their first 1000 copies, and having received excellent reviews and feedback, (suggestion of the month in Metal Hammer Greece), they decided to start recording their new material. In 2012 3Fold Pain recorded their first full length album which was officially released in January of 2013 by Turkey Vulture Records / Bungalo Records / Universal Music Group Distribution (USA). Along with the release of the album 3Fold Pain have released also two official video clips for their songs “Don’t Trust Them” and “Empty Face” included in the album. In addition, a 7” vinyl was released in March of 2011 including 2 songs from their EP by “Lighten the Underground Records”.

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